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Squire Wine Napa Valley

Squire Livery Wine, White & Black Label
Kent & Hollie Higginbotham

Welcome Dear Friends

When we started Squire Livery in 2010, our goal was to provide memorable and authentic Napa and Sonoma tour experiences for great value. It’s been our passion – and honor – to introduce you to the people and places that make this region unique. Through the years we’ve been truly blessed. Treasured clients have become cherished friends with whom we’ve created memories and shared stories over countless meals and many bottles.  With all these memorable experiences, circumstances, and timing, came the birth of…

…Squire Wine

Squire Wine

4225 Solano Ave, Ste 706
Napa, Ca 94558
Phone: (707) 332-5563
(510) 684-7347
Email: info@squirelivery.com

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