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The Wines

Blended by our friend Grant Long at Aonair, Squire Cabernets feature 2018 Napa Valley fruit that is quickly making a name for itself as one of the region’s best vintages. While we’re not experts of tasting notes per se, we can tell you White Label Cabernet is smooth, bright and silky, while Black Label Cabernet presents a darker, sassy attitude.

As with Squire Livery, our goal with Squire Wines is to provide an amazing product for an equally amazing value, which is why we’re offering Cabs that normally cost $70-90 each for just $45. 

As with this great price, we are only offering 6-packs and cases (12) with shipping just a $1 * (silly rules) for each. We suggest ordering a mixed case to try both the White Label Cabernet and the Black Label Cabernet to discover the fruit’s subtleties and get to know each wine’s personality.

We’re truly humble and grateful to be able to share this next adventure with you and look forward to hearing how you enjoy Squire Wines.